“I’m very glad to have started using this powder wash since I’m always exhausted and busy after work.

I don’t really want to have a multiple step process to remove my daily makeup, but with this product, one cleanser is more than enough to clean my skin & remove my makeup.

I’m also happy to have this powder wash because what is the most important aspect of skincare? Cleanliness.

This enzyme plus peptide wash is enough to remove all makeup, fine dust, skin secretions, and of course, can also be used by males. This one powder wash is suitable for all skin types. It’s easy to use and very simple in removing makeup while also cleansing your skin… you don’t need any extra eye makeup remover. The fact that it is a one step process makes me very happy.  ”
seromcgoo, CA


Mei Zheng (58)  Westlake Village, CA