Without double cleansing
Deep cleansing pore cleaning at once!

Pore down the sebum in the pores and finish the perfect pore cleaning with just one cleansing!

+Deep cleansing to waste remaining in pores

Protein-degrading papain enzyme extracted from papaya fruit effectively removes wastes, sebum and black head from pores.

+Smooth even after washing, moisturizing intact.

It prevents moisture loss and keeps skin moist without tension.

+Low-irritation keratin care

It is a weakly acidic powder that can be used safely for sensitive skin.


Please use with confidence!

Skin Stability Evaluation Test

Test institute Korea Institute of Dermatology
Exam Date 2014.05.20 ~ 2014.05.23


Skin adverse reaction 0%
All subjects were not adversely affected by skin irritation.

Test Methods

  1. Subjects: 32 subjects who meet the selection criteria and do not meet the exclusion criteria
  2. Test Period: 4 weeks
  3. Test Products: Enzyme Powder Wash
  4. Evaluation Method: Based on the self-criterion applying the International Association of Contact Dermatology (ICDRG) and the American Cosmetic Association (PCPC)

Laboratory Note

Helps with keratin and pore care.

How to Use

Rinse the contents about 1g into the palm of your hand, moisten the fire a little, apply enough foam, massage the face, and then wash the lukewarm water.

Enzyme Bubble Pack

  1. Remove the appropriate amount form the packed balls and foam with a pack brush.
  2. Apply the bubble evenly over the face, then gently massage in a circular motion.
  3. After 2~3 minutes, wash with lukewarm water.
  4. Finally, rinse with cold water and tighten the pores tightly.

When removing exfoliation by site

Elbow, heel and other parts of the keratin are soaked in lukewarm water and massage thorougly with Enzyme Clean Powder.

Cleater Placenta CNP38 Powder Wash

Purifies and Cleans the Skin / Eliminates Impurities

Plant-derived proteolytic enzyme and microscopic mild foam cleanse the old dead skin inside the pore and waste inside the skin clean. They provide smooth skin texture and clear, shiny skin tone.
Containing placenta and collagen, it keeps skin moisturized without tight feeling.

How to use: Take about 1g of the contents on the palm of your hand and moisten it with the water a little. Make enough foam and massage your face. Wash it with lukewarm water.

1. Powder type hypoallergenic cleansing foam of natural plant-derived proteolytic enzyme ingredient.
It is a weakly acacidic cleanser with little particle dusting and less irritation to the skin by granulating the enzymes extracted from papaya fruit, corn powder and amino acid-based cleaning ingredients.

2. Deep cleansing the dead skin inside the pore, black heads, and waste
The soft, rich foam, like dairy cream gently removes dead skin, black heads, and make-up residues for a clean cleansing without irritation.

3. Secret of skin that won’t be tight – moisturizing power!
Hypoallergenic cleansing foam that contains placenta protein, collagen, ceramide, and centella extract to keep skin moisturized even right after cleansing.

Skin that is well arranged and well treated with activity of enzyme.
There are enzymes in the skin that are constantly on the go.

Placenta CNP 38 PowderWash is a hypoallergenic enzyme treatment.
Detergent that effectively cleanses unnecessary skin hairs and excess sebum by the action of enzymes, not physical friction.
The papain enzyme, which is a natural protein degradation component, and particles of the amino acid cleansing component are absorbed into the skin where the activity of keratolytic enzyme is decreased.

Main Ingredients


  • Protease ingredient, papain enzyme, extracted from papaya fruits
  • Excellent sebum control effect by breaking down proteins(old dead skin)
  • Removes waste inside the pore and effectively cares sebum and blackheads
  • Papain is activated at temperatures of 35 to 40 degrees. More effective exfoliation by mixing it in lukewarm water to make it bubble up

Collagen Peptide

  • A type of protein that is produced in the body by amino acids
  • The role of connecting the cells in the skin to the other cells
  • About 70% of skin, About 90% of dermis are composed of collagen
  • In and around 20s, the ability to produce body collagen decreases dramatically
  • Lack of collagen reduces elasticity and gloss and promotes aging of the skin due to muscle atrophy
  • Keeps skin moisturized and controls elasticity
  • Marine Collagen Peptide of NIPPI, Japan

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8

  • It is also called Botox peptide due to similarity of the mechanism for controlling neurotranmission with Botox peptide
  • The effect of lessening wrinkles caused by deep wrinkles and facial expressions by lifting effects outside the skin
  • The effect of decreasing the depth of wrinkles by stimulating muscle cells

SJ Internation, Inc. patent material

  • PCT International Application
  • No. PCT / KR2018 / 001989 (2018.02.19.)
  • A low-molecular-ending placental enzyme hydrolyzate having anti-wrinkle components Mineralization of horse placenta enzyme, an anti-wrinkle ingredient, penetrates deep into skin

French patent material

  • Natural ingredients extracted from YEAST
  • Patent material that improves skin aging and sagging by reinforcing the DEJ of the skin

TONISKIN GR DEJ TIE system mechanism
l. Reinforcement of epidermis Integrin
ll. Enhancement of composition of Collagen IV which composes dermis
lll. Enhancement of binding of Collagen VII which composes dermis

Ceramide/Nano Ceramide

  • Ceramide: The best substance to improve damaged skin barrier in dry skin
  • Nano ceramide: Reducing ceramide to the nanoscale, use nano technology penetrating the skin. Coating with dermatropic lipids and microencapsulating, protects effective components and penetrates effective components into the skin deeper than ceramide through liposome technique.

Centella Asiatica Extract

  • A Centella Asiatica called the mysterious plant of Madagascar Island
  • Widely used as a medicinal ingredient for wound treatment from centuries ago. Leaves and stems are used for medicinal purposes.
  • In China, it has been called “fountain of youth” because of its excellent wound healing effect.
  • A Centella Asiatica has collagen synthesis, pore reduction, wound healing (antibacterial, anti-inflammation).